GradPoint FAQ

Gradpoint is the new online Grade Recovery System available to SCS students. Please read below to find out more about gradpoint and to see if you/your student may be eligible.

What is GradePoint

GradPoint Grade Recovery is the new software system that provides students with the opportunity to improve failing quarter grades in most courses offered at Southwind High School.  The courses are online. The online lessons provide students with the opportunity to improve one or more quarter grades.

Who is eligible to complete GradPoint

Students who failed Quarter 3 with a grade average of 59 – 69 qualify for grade recovery.  This program is not recommended for students who made a grade of 58 or lower during a quarter.  **NOTE: Some courses may not be available via GradPoint

How to Apply

If a student meets the above qualifications, he or she will pick up a contract from his or her teacher in the class he or she is failing for Quarter 3.  The teacher and the student will complete sections A and B of the contract.  Section C requires a signature from the parent and student.  Once the student brings back the contract with a parent signature, the student’s teacher will enroll him or her into the specific quarter course, and the student will begin working immediately.

How it Works

The student’s teacher will monitor student progress.  If a student is not making progress, the teacher will speak with the student to determine what is causing him or her not to make academic progress online.  If the student continues to not make progress, the teacher will contact the parent to make them aware of the student’s progress.  If the student has not made significant progress by Friday, April 23, 2016, he or she will be dropped from the GradPoint system.

How are Grades Assigned

The student will be given assignments for Quarter 3 to complete.  There will be a series of tests that will provide grades.  If the student fails a test a maximum of three times, he or she will be dropped from the system.  The student can be reinstated based upon school administrator authorization.

GradPoint for Q1 & Q2?

Yes.  Upon successful completion of Q3 assignments and receiving a successful grade, the student will be allowed to complete grade recovery for Q1 and Q2.

Final GradPoint Grades

A student’s grade will be calculated using the following formula.  The final grade for Credit Recovery is the cumulative score for the course recorded in the electronic program (GradPoint). The student’s Grade/Course Recovery average will count 95% of the student’s new grade, while the failing grade will count 5%. For example, a student earning an original failing grade of 50 weighted at 5% and a course/credit recovery grade of 71 weighted at 95% would earn a grade of 69.95, rounded up to 70 on his/her transcript for the course/credit recovery course.  The Grade Recovery grade recorded on the student’s transcript does not replace the original grade received.  If you have questions, please contact your student’s grade level counselor at (901) 416-4191.